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Surely no train journey in the world today is more romantic than the Simplon Orient Express which originally started to travel from London to Venice and today offers unforgettable moments when you would like to reach Paris, Prague, Budapest, Rome or Istanbul! It recreates the now historic ride of the 1880´s.

When you arrive at Victoria Station in London you discover the elegant cream and dark brown Pullman coaches furnished like a scene from an old Hollywood film – fine white tablecloths, expensive china and fresh flowers on each table. The three restaurant cars, piano bar car and eleven sleeping cars are all paneled in fine wood, with luxurious carpets and curtains throughout.

What could be more exciting than riding a train that has been glamorized in murder mysteries by famous writers like Agatha Christie? The Orient Express has inspired at least six movies, almost twenty books, many TV documentaries and at least two pieces of music. Who would want to travel by car when the train offers such romance! Who would choose the discomfort of air travel when the Orient Express offers such luxury!

The restored Orient Express still has a magic all its own. As you are nearing Venice thirty-two hours after leaving London, you might imagine the many mysterious passengers who have been making this same trip, on this same train, since October 4, 1883. You recall legends handed down from one generation to the next. You feel a lifetime removed from the tedium and hurry of modern everyday life.

Easily we can say that the biggest legends are those, who are able to survive many centuries throughout and we have to say that the the Simplon Orient Express also called King of trains and verbatim Train of kings really this legend is!

If you would like to know more about the Simplon Orient Express, visit the following www: (Venice - Vienna - PragueParisLondon)

China = čínský
Curtain = záclona, závěs
Discomfort = nepohodlí
Discover = objevit, odhalit, nalézt
Exciting = vzrušující
Furnished = vybavený, zařízený
Glamorized = romantizovaný
Hand down = předávat jako dědictví
Hurry = spěch
Lifetime removed from the tedium = čas bez nudy
Luxurious = luxusní
Luxury = přepych, požitek, luxus
Near = blížit se
Paneled/ panelled= vykládaný
Pullman coach= (dálkový) salonní vůz (kolejový)
Recall = vzpomenout si
Recreate = obnovit
Restored = obnovený, rekonstruovaný, restaurovaný
Ride = jízda, projížďka, vyjížďka
Tablecloth = ubrus
Throughout = všude, naskrz
Verbatim = doslova, doslovně

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