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Career versus Baby

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It is always a difficult decision between pursuing a career or making a baby…

There is a price you pay for every decision you take in your life. There is a price you pay for pursuing a career; and there’s a price you pay for having a baby. No matter what you do in life, do it with your eyes wide open to the tradeoffs involved. And then deal with those tradeoffs with a mature confidence … and don’t complain.

Popular culture of late argues that modern motherhood is fraught with worry, stress and perfectionism. Mothers are overwhelmed. Kids are overscheduled. The institution itself is a mess. Is it like this?

Yes, some mothers are really stressed. Yes, they are even worry. But they're many really happy, too.

Many working moms do wish they could spend fewer hours in the workplace, or, to a lesser extent, stay home full time. Many of them think it's better for the child if one parent stays home, but the most of families say their families could not survive financially if they did so. And, on the flip side, there are others who stay at home and think a mother should be allowed to work for pay if it makes her happier. In other words, it's not all black-and-white. Mothers are miserable? It is a question…

I think it´s true that today´s society sets expectations for modern motherhood too high, and may be mothers themselves had raised the standards compared with the previous generation... Don´t think so? Also the public opinion doesn't seem to make it any easier. According one American survey the motherhood is more demanding today than it was a generation ago! Why? Is it just simply because…?

In the survey, there it is mentioned that 48 percent of interviewed mothers think that they are doing a worse job than men (compared only with 12 percent who feel they are doing better). Is it because they are women and they have to bring up children? May be yes or more probably it can be because of the fact that today´s society is the “men sharpshooter´s” society.

It is not easy to choose whether to be a full time mother, take care of children and give up your career or to be good at work, follow your career and let some duties to your husband, your nurse-maid or kitchen-maid. You might never know what is the most ideal for your children! Be with them really 24hours per day or let them be more independent and take care of themselves sometimes? In my opinion the golden mean could be the best way!

bring up = vychovat
complain = stěžovat si
confidence = odvaha, jistota, důvěra, smělost, drzost, sebedůvěra
deal with = jednat s, zacházet s, zabývat se 
demanding = náročný
duty = povinnost
expectation = očekávání, předpoklad
flip side = pravý opak, druhá strana
fraught with = plný čeho
give up = vzdát se
golden mean = střední cesta
Involve = vyžadovat, znamenat, obsahovat
kitchen-maid = služebná, pomocnice v kuchyni
miserable = ubohý, nešťastný
nurse-maid = chůva, slečna k dětem
overwhelmed = přetížený, přemožený
Pursue = usilovat, sledovat, zabývat se, hnát se
sharpshooter = ostrostřelec
Tradeoff = kompromis, porovbnáná, sladění, závislost
whether = zda

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