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Social researches are becoming increasingly interested in the way different cultures approach conflict situations in life.

For simplicity, they divide these varying outlooks into two contrasting attitudes: on the one hand societies with a “live by the rules” mentality, and on the other, the attitude of those who prefer to look at each case on an individual basis.

In a rule-based society, people tend to feel that if the rules are obeyed by all, then no one has an unfair advantage: everyone living under the rules is treated the same. The opposite view tends to favor individual circumstances, giving greater weight to the particular person or situation rather than to some abstract rule or law.

When it comes to interacting, two people with differing approaches could have trouble. One might say, “He can´t be depended on because he´ll change to suit the circumstances.” The other could say, “How can I trust someone who won´t even bend a rule to help a friend?”

Countries with rule-based cultures, such as the US, are more likely to use the court system to settle disputes. It should be no surprise then, that Americans sue one another more often than people nearly anywhere else on earth. But it might come as a surprise that another law-based society, Japan, has less than one-fifth the number of lawyers per capita as the US, and far fewer court cases.

Perhaps the Japanese combine both approaches: they feel that each individual is responsible for living up to the rules, without having to go through the legal system.

Zdroj: Landcare Research

Advantage = výhoda
Approach = přístup, přiblížení se
Attitude = postoj, názor

Bend = sehnout, ohýbat
Circumstance= okolnost
Depend on = záviset na

Favor = podporovat
Interact= ovlivňovat, působit na
Law = zákon
More likely = pravděpodobněji
Obey = poslouchat, řídit se, být poslušný
Outlook = názor

Per capita = na hlavu, na osobu
Rather than = spíše než
Research = výzkum
Settle a dispute = urovnat spor
Sue = žalovat, domáhat se

Tend = mít sklon, inklinovat
Treat = jednat, nakládat s
arying = různící se, měnící se

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