Becoming a Mother (and be a Good Mother)

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Becoming a Mother (and be a Good Mother)

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I always knew growing up that I wanted to be a mother some day.

Many women will tell you that have always dreamed of being mothers. They can tell you how they spent all of their youth mothering dolls, other children, and pets. Other women, myself included, never dreamed that they would be mothers. They may have had no idea what the future held, or they may have planned for careers and education. No matter what type of planning went into becoming a mother, there we all are (!!!), in one group.

When does one become a mother? Is it the moment of
conception? The first time you hear your baby's heart beat? When you hold your small miracle for the first time? I really don´t know…but I know that it is very hard to be a good mother.

I think you should be patient. Being a mother is a little
challenging sometimes, but keep your cool and try to stay patient. Take an interest in your child's interests. Don't be tight about money. Make sure you are an approachable person to talk to. Try your hardest to always be understanding and a good listener. Knowing that children can go to their mum for friendship advice, information on sex and puberty, homework help, or just a hug goes a long way for kids. Be supportive, and never laugh at your kids hobbies, interests or friends. Understand that it's okay if your child thinks differently from you. Don't get mad because they have a different opinion to you. Be able to admit that something you did may have been wrong and don't be afraid to apologize.

And also spend quality time with your child. Play ball with your son or do a
craft project with your daughter. And make sure you have fun. Take your child out to museums, the theatre, classical music concerts, and other cultural events. While they may not like it at the time, they will most likely be grateful when they are older that they have a more well-rounded background. Always be supportive, accepting and fair. Don't use the phrase, "I carried you for 9 months!" in an argument. Your kids will most likely not understand what you actually had to go through - it won't be really effective.

I think parents need to teach their children how to be successful adults. However, life is also a great teacher. Don't be too quick to 
rescue your child from the results of their own actions if the consequences are not overly severe. Your child is an individual deserving of respect, not an extension or a reflection of you. Love them unconditionally; don't force them to be who you think they should be in order to earn your love!


Accepting = chápající
Admit = připustit, uznat
Advice = rada
Approachable = přístupný, přátelský, vlídný
Background = prostředí, výchova
Beat = tlouci, bít
Conception = početí
Consequence = následek
Craft project = umělecký project
Deserve = zasloužit si
Dream of = snít o
Earn = zasloužit si
Force = nutit
Get mad = naštvat se
Grateful = vděčný
Hug = obejmutí
Challenging = náročný
In order to = aby
Keep cool = zachovat klid
Miracle = zázrak
No matter = bez ohledu na
Overly = moc, příliš
Patient = trpělivý, shovívavý
Rescue = zachránit
Severe = vážný, krutý, bolestivý
Supportive = podpůrný
Unconditionally = bezpodmínečně, nepodmíněně
Well-rounded = všestranný

Youth = mládí

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