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The supermarket offers the fantastic combination of food and females. Use our guide to the contents of her trolley to determine wheter she´s worth a trip down the vegetable aisle...

HONEY. It´s a good source of boron, which helps the body metabolise and utilise oestrogen, the female sex hormone. And moreover, you can lick it off her body later...

EGGS. Full of B vitamins, which help balance the hormone levels. They are also good source of vitamine A – the essential vitamine for healthy and shiny hair. And I am sure you will like her scrabbled eggs for breakfast!

ROOIBOS TEA. Drinking caffeine-free teas such as Rooibos keep woman´s skin clear and smooth.

PASTA. Did you know that simple carbs such as pasta or rice are natural anti-depressants? And the Italian pasta...Hmmm....Delicious!

Loss of sex drive is sometimes down to a woman´s low levels of testosterone – the hormone responsible for orgasms, too. STEAK will soon fix that!

SPINACH. If the woman puts it in her trolley, you can be sure that she loves you and thinks of you, because it not only protects against ovarial and breast cancer, but also against prostate cancer.

CHEESE. This smelly stuff contains loads of the feel-good substance so called “phenylalanine”, which helps improve the mood and get women primed for sex. Offer her a nibble of cheese and watch the change! A good wine together with candles are higly reccommended...How poetic evening!!!

And what about CHOCOLATE? One survey claims that 50% of women prefer chocolate to sex, so if her basket is full of that stuff, you could be in forjoyless relationship!

Aisle = ulička, chodba, chodbička, svatba...
Basket = košík
Be in for = účastnit se, být v situaci
Boron = bór (chemický prvek)
Cancer = rakovina
Claim = tvrdit
Contents = obsah
Drive = hnací síla, elán
Full of = plný čeho
Honey = med
Improve the mood = zlepšit náladu
Joyless = neradostný, neutěšený
Lick = lízat
Loads = množství
Loss = ztráta
Moreover = navíc
Nibble = kousíček, troška, ždibec
Phenylalanine = fenylalanin
Primed = připravený
Protect against = chránit před
Relationship = vztah
Scrabbled eggs = míchaná vajíčka
Skin = pleť
Smelly = voňavý
Smooth = hladký
Stuff = materiál, hmota, věc
Survey = výzkum, průzkum
Trolley = nákupní vozík
Utilise = zužitkovat
Wheter = zda
Worth = mít cenu

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