Guam - a small island in the Western Pacific

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Guam - a small island in the Western Pacific

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Hafa Adai… means hello! And believe me, Guam is certainly the destination of your choice for leisure and pleasure.

Guam has something for everyone. The unique Chamorro culture and language is a blend of Spanish, Micronesia, Asian and western influences over the last 300 years.

On Guam you can both experience the history and live the traditions with a visit to various historic sites. Even you can sample some of the delicious food.

A trip to Guam is not complete without shopping for gifts and souvenirs. Guam has a myriad of retail outlets available where you can find a wide array of stylish, fashionable, trendy duty free items. Guam also has American name brand mega retail stores, outlet malls, and department stores to pick up hard-to-find and bargain items.

For intriguing outdoor shopping, try the early Saturday morning flea market in the northern village of Dededo or the Wednesday Night Market at the Yseng Song Chamorro Village in the capital city of Hagåtña - this can be a festive night for the whole family with BBQ food stalls, arts & crafts vendors and live entertainment to give you a glimpse of what Guam has after dark.

Also the sports calendar will list many of Guam’s road races, triathlons, and other sporting events. If you are an avid diver, the island offers you many dive spots as well.

And do not forget that also the island people are known for their warmth, friendliness and hospitality. It is something in that Hafa Adai spirit that anxiously waits to welcome you to this beautiful island in the Western Pacific!

See you on Guam!

array = řada, soustava
avid = zanícený, horlivý
bargain = výhodná koupě
blend = směs
diver = potápěč
flea = blecha
friendliness = vlídnost
glimpse = letmý pohled
hard-to-find = těžko k nalezení
intriguing = poutavý, zajímavý, úchvatný, netušený
myriad = nesčetný
retail = prodej
sample = namátkou vyzkoušet
stall = stánek, krámek
vendor = prodavač
warmth = vřelost

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