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Every nation has its weapons in the nutrition wars. For the Chinese, it´s antioxydant-rich green tea. The French have flavonoid-rich red wine. In Italy, it´s olive oil – and in the US they have a steady stream of fad diets. Well, let´s see the healthy – eating tips…

In Australia for example a typical Aussie breakfast is a low-fat fruit smoothie along with raisin toast or a fruit salad, which are much heltier than a white-bread bacon sarnie and tea.

The favourite drink of energetic Brazilians is the Yerba mate, better than a coffee or black tea, which contains carotene, vitamins A, C and E, as well as riboflavin, magnesium, calcium and iron. The Yerba mate has 10 times higher antioxidant capacity than green tea. It stimulates the immune system and helps you to lose weight.

Germans secret is black bread. Whole grains are absorbed more slowely into the bloodstream. If you are determined that bread should feature in your daily food line-up, select coarse rye, pumpernickel or sunflowerseed loaves that do not contain wheat for your lunchtime sarnie.

Greeks add lemon and oregano to anything. Lemon is not only an excellent source of vitamine C, but is has fewer calories than other citrus fruits. If you want to get a special dressing, simply mix lemon juice with a dash of olive oil, oregano and garlic!

India´s smoothies are made with yoghurt and fresh fruit or spices. This combination delivers calcium, vitamine C and protain, which help keep you feeling satisfied so you´ll eat less during the meal...

Central Americans eat red or pinto beans with eggs at breakfast; wrapped in tortillas or mixed with rice at lunch; and after the meat course or in a stew at an evening meal. Beans are a cheap and lean source of protain as well as being a cholesterol – lowering fibre provider.

And have you ever heard about Shiitake mushrooms? Japans say, that the Shiitake mushrooms are a good source of protain, they can also act as a meat replacement. You can buy them, chop them into soups, salads and pastas, or just brush them with oil and grill.

These are the most useful information from around the globe for fighting diseases and battling the bulge. It might change your life...

Buon appetito and enjoy your meal!

Add = přidávat

Antioxydant = prostředek proti stárnutí

Battling = bojovat

Bloodstream = krevní řečiště

Brush = očistit, otřít

Bulge = břicho, nacpat se, boule, výduť

Coarse rye = z  hrubého žita, žitný chléb

Dash = kapka, troška

Deliver = doručovat, dodávat

Disease = nemoc, choroba

Fad = bláznivý nápad, choutka, vybíravost, mlsnost

Feature = hrát hlavní roli, význačný rys, charakterizovat

Fighting = boj, bojovat, zápasit

Flavonoid-rich = silné chuti

Grain = zrno

Cholesterol-lowering fibre provider = poskytuje zmírňující obsahu cholesterolu

Chop = krájet, nasekat

Iron = železo

Keep you feeling satisfied = dávají vám pocit uspokojení

Lean = hubený, libový, podpora

Less = méně

Line-up = sežazení, řada, sestava

Loaf = krajíc chleba (mn. č. loaves)

Lose weight = zhubnout

Low-fat = nízkotučný

Meat course = chod jídla

Mushroom = houba

Nutrition = výživa

Pinto bean = strakatá fazole

Pumpernickel = perník

Raisin = hrozinka

Replacement = náhrada, náhražka

Sarnie = sendvič

Secret = tajemství

Seed = zrno

Select = vybrat

Smoothie = sladkost, dobrota, svačinka, něco lahodného

Source = zdroj

Spices = koření

Steady = stabilní

Stew = dušený, ve vlastní šťávě

Stream = sled, zápava, potok, příval

Sunflower = slunečnice

Weapon = zbraň

Wheat = pšenice

Wrapped = zabalený

Yerba - cesmína paraguayská

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