How to Lose Weight and Breastfeed

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How to Lose Weight and Breastfeed

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After you give birth, you probably want to lose your pregnancy weight as fast as possible. But in order to produce healthy breastmilk, you actually need to increase your caloric intake to about 2,500 calories a day and not worry too much about dieting.

Remember, it took you about a year to put on your pregnancy weight, and it's the healthiest if it takes about a year for you to lose all your pregnancy weight.

You will lose your pregnancy weight the fastest if you breastfeed your baby. Try not to supplement a breastfeeding session with a formula feeding unless necessary. All the calories and fat in breastmilk come from you, from your fat and caloric stores.

Check what you're eating. Motherhood can be difficult and getting a square meal may seem impossible. But making an effort to eat healthy, to eat whole grains, lean protein and fruits and vegetables will help you lose weight and of course keep your breastmilk healthy for your baby. If take-out and fast food seem easier, try to pre-cut your fruits and vegetables, buy premade foods, get some help around the house or consider ordering healthy take-out.

Start exercising not earlier than six weeks after you give birth, but only if you feel up to it. You may find it more comfortable to breastfeed your baby before you work out. You may also need the support of a well-fitted exercise bra. Sometimes babies will reject the breast after exercise due to the salty taste of mom's skin. Taking a quick shower after exercise but before breastfeeding may help with that.

Pregnancy made your body gain weight, so make it slim in a few weeks by breastfeeding and eating vegetables. Do not stay in bed after giving birth - try to walk around inside your home. Healthy eating and sleeping are the best combination to maintain regular weight. Do household chores after eating your meals and do not sit around too much. Play video games and watch jokes shows. Avoid getting depressed because you will likely gain more weight after giving birth.

And remember, it is always better to breastfeed as much as you can (if you can), don´ t be stressed if you cannot lose weight very fast and enjoy your first weeks with your beautiful baby!

avoid = vyhnout se
bra = podprsenka
breastfeed = kojit
consider = zvážit, uvažovat
due to = kvůli
effort = snaha, úsilí
fat = tuk
formula feeding = náhradní mléko
gain = nabrat
household chore = práce v domácnosti
increase = zvýšit
intake = příjem
lean protein = lehký protein
maintain = udržet
motherhood = mateřství
pre-cut = předpřipravit, předkrájet
premade = předem připravené
put on = přibrat
reject = odmítat
square meal = dobré jídlo, velká porce jídla
supplement = nahradit
support = podpora
take out and fast food = provizorní a rychlé jídlo na zasycení
unless necessary = dokud to není nutné
whole grains = celozrnné potraviny
work out = cvičení, odpracování, vyčerpání se

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