Many faces of Finland

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Many faces of Finland na Články, recenze, povídky, stále nové soutěže, hry, horoskopy na týden atd.
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Many faces of Finland

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Finland’s landscapes are a glorious variation on the themes of forest and water, where the comforts of modern life are never far away.

Yet each region has its distinct character, from the wilds of Lapland to the inspiring lakes of the East and the archipelagos of the South-West. Finland is full of interesting contrasts, such as the four seasons, the midnight sun and the long winter nights and the different cultural heritages on the Eastern and Western parts of the country.


Here are same examples of the Finnish culture…

The capital city

Helsinki’s stunning range of visual arts can be admired in many quality museums and galleries. Helsinki’s bar and café culture is very active in the wintertime, especially during the run-up to Christmas in November and December. This dark time of the year is brightened up by countless parties.


Relatively new for the ordinary tourist, but exciting and interesting, wildlife watching is fast becoming a popular pastime for visitors to Northern Finland.

Nature Extraordinaire

Close your eyes and think of sunshine shimmering on the water of a beautiful harbor. Or think of the glassy calm of a lake, disturbed only by the occasional ripple from a rising fish. In Finland, you’re never far from the water: no wonder it plays such an important role in the Finnish summer holiday.


The clean, pure waters of Finland, teeming with fish, provide a fabulous variety of fishing opportunities. The diversity of fishing sites is perhaps the greatest attraction for anglers. You can enjoy wondrous lakes and the unique archipelago, not to mention the rivers and rapids coursing through the vast forests. You can even fish in the winter: ice fishing through holes in the frozen lakes and sea is an ancient but still very popular Finnish tradition.

Events and Festivals

Thousands of events and festivals of every size and description are held in Finland throughout the year, although the main festival season is the summer. Finland Festivals is a series of events, covering jazz, rock, classical, dance, visual arts, opera and every other conceivable form of cultural expression.

And finally - Sauna

Sauna is not just the only Finnish word to have entered the world vocabulary – it’s a ritual, an institution, an essential element of the Finnish way of life. It can also be very relaxing, exhilarating and enjoyable, and no visit to Finland is complete without sampling the sauna.

Well, what do you think? Still not enough information about Finland? Yes, of course, it is worth to go there and see it on your own yeasJ

angler = rybář lovící na udici
brighten up = rozveselit, oživit
conceivable = případný, možný, další, představitelný
countless = nespočetný
exhilarating = radostný, rozveselující
fabulous = báječný, neuvěřitelný, pohádkový
glassy = hladký, nehybný
heritage = dědictví, odkaz
landscape = krajina, terén
pastime = zábava, pobavení, vyražení, rekreace
perhaps = možná, snad, asi, třeba
range = rozsah, paleta
rapid = peřej
ripple = čeření
run-up = úvod, začátek
sampling = vyzkoušení
shimmering = blikání, třpyt, lesk
stunning = úžasný, ohromující, senzační
teeming = hemžit se
themes = tématika
vast = obrovský, rohlehlý, rozsáhlý
wondrous = podivuhodný


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