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Beautiful townhouses from centurie past… The pride and honor of America´s Naval Academy... The oldest working state House in the nation...

Booming businesses from Main Street shops to high-tech companies on the cutting edge of the knowledge-based economy. Annapolis, Maryland´s state capital, uniquely blends the rich history of the past with the boundless hope of the future...

The Maryland´s State House is perhaps the greatest monument to the State´s important role in American history. Completed in 1779, Maryland´s State House was the nation´s capital from November 1783 to August 1784, when the Continental Congress was housed in the building. Strolling through the State House you can stop by the Old Senate Chamber. Here, George Washington resigned his commision as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army in December 1783, and, a month later, the Treaty of Paris was ratified, officially ending the Revolutionary War.

Like Annapolis itself, the State House is more than a beautiful landmark of the past – it continues to shape the future. In the oldest working State House in America, legislators still meet as they did hundreds of years ago, but today they debate modern public policy and enact laws that improve the lives of 21st century Marylands.

During your visit to Annapolis, you will repeatedly see a city that is known throughout the world for its historic preservation, but is in fact quite modern. Just around the corner from the State House, while you explore the historic district´s brick-lined streets and townhouses, you are step away from companies with Internet connection to the world. You can stroll down to the waterfront that was oncethriving commercial port, and see why Annapolis is known today as the sailing capital of the world. You can observe a city that showcases its vibrant culture in buildings such as the Maryland Hall for Creative Arts. And you can witness a day in the life of a Naval Academy Midshipman and watch him or her follow the traditions of the past in order to become a leader in tomorrow´s armed forces.

Annapolis has its spirit. It´s charming, thriving, historic and contemporary. Come to visit Annapolis, to experience its beuty and excitement for yourself...

Blend = míchat, mísit

Boundless = bezmezný, nekonečný, neohraničený, nedozírný, nezměrný...

Brick-lined = cihelná obezdívka, cihelný obklad

Commander-in-chief = vrchní velitel

Complete = dokončit

Cutting edge = břit, ostří, ostrý, pronikavý,

Enact = ustanovit, uzákonit

Excitement = vzrušení, rozechvění

Explore = objevovat

Charming = okouzlující, čarovný, rozkošný, půvabný, roztomilý

Landmark = mezník, orientační bod, pamětihodnost, význačný bod v krajině

Midshipman = lodní poddůstojník (praktikant, plavčík)

Once = kdysi

Perhaps = možná

Preservation = záchrana, uchování, ochrana

Pride = hrdý

Resigned = odstoupit z funkce

Shape = uvářet, vyvíjet, ztvárnit...

Stroll = procházet se, chodit, potloukat se, potulovat se

Strolling = chození

Thriving = prospívající, bující, dařící se

Throughout = skrz, všude, v celém, skrz naskrz

Treaty = smlouva, dohoda, pakt, úmluva

Waterfront = nábřeží

While = zatímco

Witness = být svědkem

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