Russian Celts: game in reality.

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Russian Celts: game in reality. na Články, recenze, povídky, stále nové soutěže, hry, horoskopy na týden atd.
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Russian Celts: game in reality.

An interest in history is an unrespectable phenomenon in the modern society.

An interest in history is an unrespectablephenomenon in the modern society.

A question appears – why do young people, who should attend fancyclubs, bars, sport clubs or just live normal life, found historical reconstructionclubs and societies? Why do they call themselves Vikings and Celts? Why do theywear the traditional clothes of a region they reconstruct and behavior strange?It seems to me, that this interest to historical reconstruction is caused byunwilling to waste their time to purposeless engagements. There is something init what makes the participants of this spare theatre play magnificent shows onthe stage of modern life. "Russian Celts" find the meaning of theirlives in searching for the roots. They try to distinguish the truth fromancient myths of and, Breton and , expresstheir feelings in Celtic arts. We can say that they dip in ancient times. It'snot an escape from reality like most psychologists think, not a complex of innerfears or fear of reality. They are normal adult people. At the same time theirlife is like a dance, a game with reality or a game in reality. Such anattitude towards life we can notice in each traditional pub in Moscow. There we can see a group of youngpeople who are singing "Molly Malone" or other folk songs.

Speaking about music – there is a constant growth in interest to Celtic folk. About 5 years ago there were hardly a dozens of groups in , now we can find much more. Also there is an opportunity to attend courses of Gaelic or learning how to play traditional music instruments in our country. A huge amount of folk festivals are lead here. They gain thousands of fans from all over the country.

Celtic mythology and magick is also learned by young generation. By

the way the majority of folk events correlate to Celtic Year Feasts such as Samhain (known as Halloween), Beltaine, equinoxes and solstices. In our country, which is under the influence of Russian Orthodox Church, this movement is embraced at least disapprovingly.

Any way many people don't see anything reprehend in this kind of elaboration.

The point is in the desire of "Russian Celts" to find a kind of relaxation, not to dip into boring reality of modern society, to learn how to live and to look with their own eyes. For a stranger it's just a game, but not for them. It is serious. It's more real then our common reality.

If you want to learn more about "Russian Celts" movement, you should visit this Russian resources dedicated to Celtic culture. – the main Russian folk site – the site of the famous Russian folk band "The Mill" – the site of another folk band "Tintal"

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