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just in case you want to practice your english a little bit

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image/svg+xml annahb :: 24.08.2009 09:30:23


image/svg+xml marylin :: 19.03.2008 09:01:06

zeta :: spanish bird is known as BEEF OLIVE

image/svg+xml zeta :: 28.02.2007 14:46:16

ostrovidek probably leave our republic for more intensive practising

image/svg+xml zeta :: 29.01.2007 14:36:22

I am just curious, if others (I mean foreigners) also know czech food like spanish birds and if yes, do they call this food also spanish birds? do spanish habitants know this fact, that in czech republic we eat spanish birds and some things between earth and heaven we do not know, we call: this is for me a spanish village....???

image/svg+xml zeta :: 23.01.2007 15:32:13

ZuzanaK :: it does not seems to me like long long converstaion, pitty

image/svg+xml ZuzanaK :: 23.01.2007 13:01:53

Maci :: it seems to be a start of a long long english conversation

image/svg+xml ***guest :: 23.01.2007 12:51:26

I see,

image/svg+xml ZuzanaK :: 23.01.2007 12:36:49

Maci :: jako sebevedomi ...I thought...

image/svg+xml ***guest :: 23.01.2007 12:17:52

jéžišmarjá, já nevím, co je to confidence!!!! ale thanks

image/svg+xml ZuzanaK :: 23.01.2007 12:08:25

Maci :: just a bit of self-confidence, you are good in fact

image/svg+xml zeta :: 19.01.2007 17:42:28

Maci :: ah, you underestimating your self, you make a nice sentence

image/svg+xml ***guest :: 05.01.2007 18:50:26

wow, Iˇm afraid my English is too bad to practise it in here, I understand you all, but it is too difficult to make sentences like yours

image/svg+xml zeta :: 27.10.2006 12:42:50

Witch :: wow, as you describe it, i start to mis summer time already, beee

image/svg+xml Witch :: 26.10.2006 10:30:16

ostrovidek ::
so? how was it like in southern spain?? a lot of wine? hot and spicy girls? and red sun above the see in the evening? come on!

image/svg+xml zeta :: 24.10.2006 21:08:34

ostrovidek :: northen spain is nice as well, i would love to go there again, but probably it will not be soon

image/svg+xml ostrovidek :: 24.10.2006 15:43:00

sorry .. i was on a very long trip to southern spain... unfortunately i havent been able to learn any spanish... :-)

image/svg+xml katchenka :: 14.08.2006 22:38:21

kinda Silent hill

image/svg+xml Witch :: 14.08.2006 19:06:56

ostrovidek :: so?? come on! you wanted to practice a bit.. and you are silent really!

image/svg+xml Scherrydon :: 02.07.2006 00:16:58

image/svg+xml ostrovidek :: 18.06.2006 22:43:28

its actually ment to be achtung

image/svg+xml ostrovidek :: 18.06.2006 22:43:04

achutng baby..

image/svg+xml Witch :: 15.06.2006 11:52:49

I habe nicht understand bitte schoen
leider.. oh my god..
I am soooo sorry.. es tut mit leid..

achtung achtung..
this is a crazy mix.. kruci.. fix..

image/svg+xml katchenka :: 14.06.2006 17:49:22

achen tach tach chu ja mor ...

image/svg+xml ostrovidek :: 14.06.2006 14:33:55

a new forum... in german..

image/svg+xml Witch :: 14.06.2006 12:21:03


image/svg+xml ostrovidek :: 14.06.2006 12:10:41

well .. maybe I'm going to start another one - german just for you

image/svg+xml Witch :: 13.06.2006 19:08:01


image/svg+xml ostrovidek :: 08.06.2006 20:24:26

guess the summer won't come this year.. whats your opinion ?


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