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Blood, sugar, sex, magic

Modern magick: deceit or profitable business.

Just before the premiere of the second part of the famous Russian blockbuster “Night Watch”, in which you can see dark and light magicians, vampires, werewolves walking in the Moscow streets and other mysterious things happen, I made an attempt to find out are the events shown in movie real. Our newspapers are full of ads offering different kinds of occult services such as “charm your neighbor”, “curse your enemy”, “rites for money”, “rites to protect your property”. Sums of money modern withes ask for their service are bigger then average wages. My small detection should open the cover of “modern witchcraft” mystery.

Modern witches are differ from their Middle Ages colleagues. They have modest offices in the centre of the city instead of the houses in woods. They have expensive cars instead of black cats.

We go downstairs to the cellar which is officially called “The centre of Tibet Medicine”. The room is lightened by candles. We can see Russian Orthodox icons in the corners of the room. The hostess leads us in the room in which we can hear meditative music playing and smell the aroma. The secretary is sitting at the entrance and typing a new ad article to the newspaper dedicated to supernatural phenomena. At first she writes a fake letter from the very ill “cursed reader” of the newspaper and then she writes “the answer” to the “letter” with her advice to visit this particular magick saloon. But in spite of this trick, the clients of this place assure us that this lady can cure different illnesses and has already helped different people. Is it selfpersuasion? Who knows?

But sometimes they work even harder. For example, a lady calls to the saloon. She wants her boyfriend to return to her. They ask her to come to the “séance” and to pay 500-600$ for their work. After her visit this magician calls to his partners and they go to her boyfriend’s place. They give him a choice to be bitten or 200$ for several calls and meetings with the lady. Effective magick, isn’t it?

Or another way of work. A man comes to the magician. A secretary leads him to the office and asks to wait a little. Then he is welcomed to come in. And as soon as he enters the magician starts to shout “ Get out of here! You’re hopeless! Don’t spoil my energy by your aura.” The frightened client runs out of the room and meets the secretary. She asks him to wait several minutes and repeat the attempt. After several repetitions of the situation the magician agrees to serve the client. By that time the client is assured that he is hopeless and he is ready to give all his money to the magician only to become cured or get rid of his curse. The client leaves the office happy but poor. For such rite a magician can earn 300-900$ and receive about 5-6 clients per day.

Nowdays magick is one of the most profitable businesses with circulation about several million dollars per year (just in Moscow). It becomes remunerative to play on human feelings such as despair and sorrow. It’s true that if a person has lost everything in his life he sees the only way to go to a magician, who is also a good psychologist, and who is able to give him hope that the situation will change in the nearest future, and who will give him desire to live. I think the reason is that Russian Orthodox Church is incapable to support a person in difficult situation and people are ready to find help in magick saloons, sects and centre of oriental medicine.

On the other hand I’ve met a lot of specialist of this profession. One astrological school surprised me a lot. It’s specialists gave me full information about my current year. One soothsayer told me a lot of facts about my family. One granny who lives not far from Moscow cured my sister only for some fruits and honey. This list is endless. I can only say there are enough specialists in this profession but also enough laymen who want to take away your money.

Even if magick is only a myth for you, you should admit that it has basis. Witches and magicians live among us for thousands years and all this time people ask them for help, for hope, for new sense of life. Who knows whether magick is real or it’s just a superstition? You can prove it only if you’ll enter this world. But do you need this knowledge? Demons disturb only those who disturb them.

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